16 November 2015

Tipu Sultan Controversy

Tipu Sultan Controversy

C.M. Siddaramaiah is celebrating the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan on 10th November 2015.
“On November 10, a 67-year-old VHP leader was killed after falling off a wall while trying to dodge bricks thrown by protesters in Kodagu. A day later, a Muslim man succumbed to a bullet injury he suffered apparently while participating in a pro-Tipu protest.”
           The Indian Express

Raghubir Lal Anand observes that history written earlier by the historians was not honest but distorted. The history was written to appease the regime of that time, those days there was no media facility “print or electronics” and kings and sultans used to get the history written as per their sweet will.

Time has changed now and C.M. should see the writing on wall of looming ISIS threat to our country and Pakistan dirty bomb and the mood of Muslims living in this country like Owasi in Andhra and Azam Khan in U.P., Dawood in Bombay, Bhatkals in Karnataka and Muslim living in Kerla wants to make Makkah-Madina as good as located in Soudi Arabia. The happening in France cannot be ignored.

Raghubir Lal Anand suggests that Tipu Sultan Matter should be dropped sine-die.