28 November 2015

The Present Environment in the Metro Cities

The Present Environment in the Metro Cities

“Sawchchh Bharat” is a sham and it has become only a photo session. Garbage is lying on streets and lanes everywhere.

Air pollution, water pollution and food poisoning is prevailing at a high wrist level and people have no respite from these problems.

Living in Metro Cities is buying death / disease and children and woman are worst affected, senior citizen also.

Prices of all the essential commodities have sky rocketed and still people are buying cars which are standing every where no parking space and people are having difficulty in walking on streets as well as residential lanes. In parks also people are putting their cars and a lot of problems is created for morning and evening walk.

The emission coming out from autos and trucks has poisonous fumes and making the life of the citizens a hell like and generates uncontrollable diseases related to breathing, heart and mind etc.

The commodities selling in the market for consumption as food and vegetables contain high quantity of pesticide. Thus, spreading cancer like diseases.

Children of the age of 13 to 15 have started consuming beer, whisky, smoking, Gutkha-Pan Masala eating and very dangerous narcotic which destroys their body and mind. Such cases are at alarming stage and people should try to arrest this growth. Otherwise consequences shall be toxic for the society and country as a whole.

People are not reading good books but seeing pornography which is easily available on the net and wasting their good time of life and getting mentally exhausted as well as morally.

We are spending time with Fake Babas and God Gurus who are looting the community for their own lust for money and sex.

Solution - Plant tress wherever you find the space, use public transport for mobility, keep your life simple, eat simple, avoid pornography yourself and advice your children also, do not blame each other but stand united (Hindu-Muslim Unity), ask the municipals to make clean and simple toilets with adequate water. Do not drink, smoke, eat pan masala, gutkha and other tobacco products etc. and keep away yourself from brown sugar and smoke and your children’s also. Make a healthy, wealthy India.