24 November 2015



Aamir Khan Joins Intolerance Debate: Kiran Asked Me If We Should Move Out Of India

When P.M. Modi visited U.K., he had to face Kashmiris, Sikhs and others who were living in U.K. branded him murderer, hardcore Hindu Talibaan and the electronic media as well print put him a question about Intolerance in his regime.

Recently on 23/11/15 on Monday Actor Amir Khan joined the bandwagon of the people who returned their awards and Actor Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on rising “Intolerance” in India.

On 4th November 2015, Raghubir Lal asked the world – “Who is intolerant? – Modi or Muslims.”

Amir Khan is a famous personality in Bollywood and he is liked with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan not only in India but all over the world. All the Khans have been advocating Hindu-Muslim Unity as their theme in films also.

The recent statement of the Khans is a signal towards Modi Ji and his party, the regime has become “Intolerant” when Sudhir Chaudhary awardees the R.N. Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award, is Journalist in Zee Media put him a question “regarding” the supreme sacrifice of Col. Santosh Mahadik who was killed by terrorist on 17th November 2015 in Jammu & Kashmir while fighting with terrorist. Amir Khan evaded the question………….

I hope the world would have got the answer of “Intolerance” may be related to God Guru Dawood Ibrahim, now living in Pakistan and ruling over Indian Muslims and financing films and getting gate money.