11 November 2015


On this day 11th November 2015, Deepawali (Deewali) is being celebrated not only in this beautiful incredible India but in the whole world by the people of all faiths.

Raghubir Lal Anand wishes a very happy, prosperous and peaceful Deepawali to all my friends the world over. I wish them and their families good health, mental peace and serene environment for living the year around.

I wish the same to 7957 viewers and 732 friends on Google+, 2682 viwers on Blogger, 94 followers on Twitter, 3122 friends on Facebook. On my birthday 366 on wall and more in 100 messages with greetings were received in Inbox and 1600 likes on my photographs. On this day of Deepawali, I thank all for this gesture.

I pledge that today on Deepawali, I have launched a monthly magazine Anand Truth an International Magazine for promotion of English and Hindi Language for masses and I am proud of this venture as this will lit another lamp for wisdom and vision of the nation in a meaningful manner.