4 April 2016

US Presidential Race

US Presidential Race

Democrat - Sanders and Hillary in race. Wisconsin will decide 1,237 delegates finish line for Trump.

Super Tuesday is on 5th April 2016 and tumbling fates……….

What may be the result is a matter of luck but Donald Trump has made a history of sorts and prevented Islamic Jihad on EU as well as in US.


1. EU migrants with desperate journeys should go back to Turkey and other Muslim States as soon as possible.

2. UN Role is condemned for integration of refugees in EU.

3. Amnesty International and human rights watch are making the job difficult for return of the migrants from Europe.

4. Papal Francis is giving confused and meaningless lecture on refugee crisis which gives boldness to terrorism.

5. The fact is the migrants are smugglers, thieves, dacoits, fake currency paddlers, drug and narcotics suppliers to western world, human traffickers, sex workers, woman and child abusers, Jihadi and fundamentalists should be immediately arrested and packed back to the parent countries.

6. Read IS GOD DEAD?????

7. Read 100 DAYS – 100 PAGES.