31 December 2015

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016

  1.   Prices of food, grains and vegetables shall be higher due to poor warehousing, transportation and spoilage due to rains, floods and other natural calamities like drought and prevailing, hoardings, black marketing and sutta (betting) etc.

  2.   Crops will be affected due to sporadic rains and drought like situation will prevail in most of the part in the world.

3.   The use of harmful fertilizers and dangerous chemicals in processed food will take a fat toll of human and animal life due to food poisoning and diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, renal failures and mental diseases shall increase and reach at alarming rate.

4.   Due to terrorism and activities of ISIS and ISI Pakistan there will be dip in the business of hotel industry and tourism shall be effected.

5.   Domestic tourism / religious tourism shall reduce.

6.   Police, Intelligence agencies, IB and army shall have a tough time as Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world has attained Himalayan Heights

7.   Fake currency, smuggling of arms and ammunitions and narcotics, drugs, prostitution, spying by enemy country like Pakistan and terrorist activities on borders shall be up due to Islamic Jihad, honey trap through cyber (crimes) will increase in full form. Gold and diamonds shall also be a prime commodity of smuggling.

To be continued……………