29 December 2015

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016

   1.   Thefts, dacoities, snatchings, bank frauds, bank snatchings, locker breaks, cyber crimes and economic offences of forex and local shall rise at alarming rate.

   2.   Juvenile will commit more and more sexual and social crimes.

   3.   Fires, Acid attacks on woman, murders, feticide of girl child, kidnapping, extra marital affairs, deaths, will increase.

4.   Parliament logjam will continue due to conflict of ruling and opposition parties.

5.   Ram Mandir shall never be a reality as the atmosphere is vitiated by Muslims objections and religious frenzy, a battery of Masjid will come up throughout India and one thousand Babri Masjids shall be constructed by Owasi.

6.   In 2016 Kashmiri Pundits may not get any justice from centre as well as from state govt.

7.   Article 370 will be widely discussed in the new year but due to vote bank politics nothing will change and it will stay.

To be continued……………