31 December 2015

What happened in 2015?

What happened in 2015?

  1.   ISIS and ISI Pakistan have become the Super Merchants of Death, Doom and Destruction and its effect can be seen on Syria, USA, U.K., France and India and other countries in South Asia and Africa.

  2.   Violence in the shape of Islamic Jihad has become the order of the day and Muslims living in Non-Muslims countries have become prey of this ideology and philosophy of violence hate and anger, laced with greed which is against the human rights and human desire and aspirations to live in a civilized world with peace and tranquility.

3.   Basically, this is the war between Shia & Sunni sects of Islam but it has taken the heavy toll of Non-Muslims and affected the economy and living easy life of all human beings for no cause and not their fault. The only their fault is they are Non-Muslims spate of refugees generated for difficult journey.

4.   The pace of peace, mercy, composite living and a cosmopolitan character is waning with a speed.

5.   Donald Trump of USA who is in Presidential race has suggested, “Muslims of all hues should not be allowed to travel in USA”.

6.   Raghubir Lal Anand requests that in 2016 we should take a pledge that we shall live a simple and peaceful life without discussing religion.

7.   Osho has said that Religion is outdated in the society of Today.