22 December 2015

What happened in 2015

What happened in 2015

 1.   Oil prices dipped 36.5 Dollar per barrel.

 2.   Property is on the down trend.

 3.   Islamic Jihad has risen to peak in Syria 60% and number increasing in other countries. Refugee problem has taken a scandal point in Europe, US and Turkey.

 4.   Climate change was the top agenda and this has taken fat toll of human and animal life.

 5.   Terrorist attack by Pakistan up in Jammu & Kashmir.

6.   Prices of essential commodities were on rise.

7.   Economy of Europe and US on downward.

8.   Rail, road, air, naval tragedies took heavy toll of life and property.

9.   Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms and tidal, waves destroyed property as well as life to a great extend.

10.                     ISIS / ISI Pakistan became stronger and stronger and wanted to destroy the civilized world.

11.                     Political parties mudslinging on each other.

12.                     Drought prevailed on alarming note and hunger, poverty and malnutrition has increased.

13.                     Ties with Pakistan all time low.

14.                     Sawachh Bharat movement failed.

15.                     Rapes, Gang rapes, sexual harassment to woman, girls & Children increased at an alarming extent and no justice.

16.                     Suicide by farmers en-mass.