3 December 2015

Solution of Kashmir Problem

Solution of Kashmir Problem

I welcome the script given by Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday, “A Porous Border between Kashmir and POK is the only lasting solution for Kashmir problem”.

“We have to live as one joint family that will solve a lot of problem between India and Pakistan.”

“I welcome the way The Prime Minister of India and Pakistan met in Paris. That is the only way out.”

The script is fine and a figment of thinking of Dr. Farooq Abdullah but writing on the wall is different. I ask Dr. Abdullah what he has to say about relief and rehabilitation of 62000 Kashmiri Pundits who have become refugees in their own counties. Will he comment on their plight and they return to their homeland in the valley of Kashmir.

Dr. Abudullah, you should know that your Dada Sh. Shiv Dayal was a Hindu and converted to Islam and you never speak the vows of Pundits. Always telling the problems of Muslim Kashmiris who have taken gun being Muslim to kill. You do not know the problem of real sufferer.

Raghubir Lal Anand asks Dr. Abdullah what he has to say about my question and the effect of Dawood Ibrahim The God Guru of Indian and Pakistani Muslims and what he is doing in POK?