28 December 2015


Raghubir Lal Anand wish happy 2016 to all facebook friends numbering 3525, on G+ 1098 friends, Blog viewers 5036 and profile viewer on G+ 90557.

I am highly thankful to my friends and fans who like my photographs on facebook more than 2500, birthday wishes numbering 500, good wishes on facebook photographs and on profile 1600.

My best wishes to all my viewers who commented on my blogs and facebook in India, United States, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan, France, United Arab Emirates.

Year 2016 is unpredictable and uncertain, “The whole world is passing through a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime and we should be alive for the bad moments and face it with our full strength to keep the dignity and honor of the people of whole world which should be our meaning to do the things in anticipation for goodness of humanity and avoid evil.”

Raghubir Lal Anand wish happy, peaceful, lovable, livable, healthy, wealthy, filled with vibrancy, honour, dignity and learning a way of cosmopolitan life in civilized manner and comfortable thoughts with compassion and mercy for all beings on the earth.

HAPPY 2016