30 December 2015

Flags Controversy in Kashmir

Flags Controversy in Kashmir

In vanishing year 2015, Kashmir controversies un-ending. Now, there is flag controversy.

Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh (state) is integral part of this beautiful and incredible India, ratified by the Indian parliament.

The Islamist as well as Muslim Hurriyat, Kashmiri Political Parties including NC & PDP want their own flag on Govt. buildings as well as on cars.

It is in the press that High Court has validated this flag in red color with three lines and a plough as given in the caption.

Raghubir Lal Anand asks from this world as well as BJP, Is it okay with the Indian democracy?

Article 370 has to be abolished, while doing so P.M. and parliament should know that not a dog will bark in the valley of Kashmir.

This bold steps shall make The Prime Minister as Hero and he has the backing of 125 Crore people of India including all political parties except radicalized Muslims of the valley and Pakistan.

P.M. Modi should know that his image has dipped due to giving sops of 80068 Crore to Islamists as aid and his visit to Pakistan recently on 25/12/15.