7 December 2015

Climate Change – Mother Nature

Climate Change – Mother Nature

The other day on 01 December 2015, I wrote a blog on climate change which is in the Headlines throughout the world. This is another fatal enemy which can put to human beings, animals, birds, insects and bacteria to doom and death within seconds as Air, Water, Earth, Sky & Fire are to be kept sacred and serene for our existence in this greedy and cruel world.
Raghubir Lal Anand attributed climate change as we have cut all the trees and plants and started burning the crops and vegetations, the forest cover is dwindling to such an extant that is beyond imagination.

The recent order for cars regulation is noble and nature’s friendly and will definitely reduce the toxic gases, emitting from cars and other vehicles.

Hon'ble Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of India Mr. Tirath Singh Thakur has vindicated my point of 1st December where I suggested the same measures.

The Chief Justice should also advice the Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir that they should plant tree everyday to fill the gap as the destruction of Sal, Deodar, Teak, Chinar, Neem, Jamun, Oak, Canes, Bamboo & Willows Trees etc. by timber mafia is rapid and needs your advice and orders.