21 December 2015

Climate Change – Mother Nature

Climate Change – Mother Nature

The other day on 01 December 2015, on Climate  ChangeMother Nature. Year 2015 is having only 10 days to go and we will be in New Year 2016.

Raghubir Lal Anand recommends that we should first of all get rid from Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution and Food Pollution (Food Poisoning) which is making our life complicated and generating horrible diseases. We should reduce emission from Cars, Trucks and other Two Wheelers and Three Wheeler, Four Wheeler and promote battery operated or solar driven vehicles / electric vehicles.

We should clean river Yamuna and should not add our sewerage system with the sacred river.

We should plant trees in abundance on railway tracks, road tracks and the places where there is space for greenery and we should increase the cover of our Ridge and ban plastics bags.

Adequate parking space should be provided to shopping complexes and other places etc.

Mad race for buying cars should be contained and more and more Tramways, Metro-ways and Green Transportation should be introduced.