23 November 2016

Trump Created History of Sorts

Trump Created History of Sorts

In June 2016, I visited Hollywood for Book To Screen Pitch Fest 2016 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Ten Hollywood Producers for screening a film or documentary or a serial on my book IS GOD DEAD????? The Truth About Jammu & Kashmir. My main ideology was to give justice to Kashmiri Pundits.

I informed the producers while concluding my pitch that my ideology has been vindicated by Mr. Donald Trump and other luminaries.

The Hollywood groups laughed at me and did not give much attention to my concluding speech.

I hope a documentary be made by Hollywood and News Agencies: BBC, Fox, CNN, Aljazeera, Russia Today, DW News, YTN, CCTV News, NHK World and Indian Media.