2 August 2016

Srinagar Kashmir Today

Srinagar Kashmir Today

Sang-Baaz (Stone Pelters) associated with Hurriyat have thrown stones on innocent security and civilians killed or injured.

Hurriyat says it is valid in Islam and will continue their strikes time to time.
Since, they want to stall the rehabilitation of 61000 Kashmiri Pundit families to their homeland in the valley of Kashmir.

Peace cannot return to the land locked valley till the above is done.

Let the Srinagar be closed for good Nizam-E-Mustafa shall not be allowed for all times to come.

We can shift the ‘Sarkari Darbaar’ somewhere in Jammu & Kashmir. But not allow Hurriyat to impose their Agenda.

Media should note all this and restrain their toxicity towards India Polity.

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