5 July 2016

No Eid Mubarak This Year 2016

No Eid Mubarak This Year 2016

As per my book IS GOD DEAD?????The Truth About Jammu & Kashmir, I have quoted “Little Bairam” is the holy month of fasting, Muslims may not eat or drink from dawn to sunset.

IS GOD DEAD????? on Page No.159

2016 year has brought “Little Bairam” as the month of killing, human slaughtering, suicide bombing and targeting the Non-Muslims by indiscriminate attacks in the name of Islam by radicalized Muslim Militant organizations.

This is not the month of rejoicing or saying Eid Mubarak in 2016. A big jolt to humanity, humility, peace and composite living amongst all religions.

Muslims all over the world should read chapter Islam Page 155 which has been written sacredly by Raghubir Lal Anand for their knowledge what Islam is?