11 May 2016

US Presidential Race – Super Tuesday 10/05/16

US Presidential Race – Super Tuesday 10/05/16

Sanders in fray for win (Democrats) – Optimistic.

Trump big win in West Virginia (Republicans) – Meaningful Win.

Obama, Hillary, Sanders bash Trump and predicts Trump is not in White House as Next President.


Sadiq Khan Muslim Mayor of London rebuffs Trump says Hillary will be Next President.

EU and British Muslim Migrants should be sent to their parent countary.

Only time will tell the Truth.

In my book 100 Days – 100 Pages on Page 23:-
“I would like to tell my countrymen that Indian Muslims are more dangerous than their foreign counterparts; the Jinnah’s, the Bhutto’s, the Daud’s, the Jia-ul-Haq’s, and the Musharraf’s.”

So is the Sadiq Khan Mayor (Before 1947 Pakistan was India).

Trump and US Should Read Book IS GOD DEAD????? & 100 Days - 100 Pages