25 April 2016

Children betting on Matches (IPL)

Children betting on Matches (IPL)

The other day, I was in J&K Village Balaan, Domana – sleepy village.

My son Atul told me that he is going to participate for bowling in the Cricket Match with the other village.

When he came back, a boy (Akshay) told him he has lost Rs.500.

Raghubir Lal Anand was shocked to hear all that as I am against gambling and betting on Cricket and I gave my advice to talk against all this.

On 24th my point was vindicated nothing less than Gautam Gambhir. Children from classes 6 to 10 in atleast 4 states indulging in betting on Cricket. “I was shocked.”

Hindustan Times, Page-21, Sunday 24/04/2016