3 March 2016

Prophecy of Anand Truth Today

Prophecy of Anand Truth Today

On 6th January 2016, I wrote a prophecy for 2016.

New diseases like hunger, poverty, greed, anger, violence, sexual harassment, prostitution, pornography and mental disorders will increase.

Govt. has shown inability to contain pornography sites connected with the child abuse (sexual) in a petition in SC.

This is difficult but not impossible. The way children and woman are being sexually abused in this country of 125 Crore having a stunning adverse effect physically as well as mentally and seeing pornography has become a habit.

With in another 5-10 years, this will create a lot of diseases like mental disorders, impotency, various vaginal, urinal disorders amounting to diabetes, heart and renal – a premature deaths and a lot of expenses for cure and loss of hours in Schools, Colleges and Offices.
Some people attributed to their right of privacy for fun but this is disaster for the human mind and actions in a civilized society.