25 February 2016

U.S. Presidential Candidate Race

U.S. Presidential Candidate Race

Trump emerged as a Republican Presidential Candidates and Hillary Clinton from Democrats.


This has impacted Syrian Crisis and Assad Govt. has confirmed in for the truce.

Raghubir Lal Anand thinks this is flimsy. Basically, this is a Shia-Sunni dispute and U.S. is aiding Sunnis and Russia Shias.

Till Iran and Saudi Arabia mend fences the truce is lifeless.

Here, Kurdistan has also be taken into confidence but Turkey the headache of Europe has emerged as game spoiler.

Angela Markel is under pressure and to return the refugees either to Turkey or other Muslim countries.

David Cameron seek referendum for EU.

World will have to debate whether Islam has failed to curb Sunni-Shia war or Islamist?