12 February 2016

Advocacy of Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Ali Shah Geelani

Advocacy of Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Ali Shah Geelani

86 years old Hurriyat Leader, Professor Ali Shah Geelani is professing hate, subversion, militancy, hartals (strikes), road jam, Islamic Jihadi protests, religious fundamentalism and giving validity to stone throwing and killing Security Jawans in the valley of Kashmir.

He advocates these are valid in Islamic laws.

The recent happenings in JNU and Press Club of India are unfortunate and a case of sedition filed against the students who raised slogans “Har Ghar Se Niklega Afzal”, “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Azadi Lekar Rahenge”, “Kashmir Lekar Rahenge”.

The culmination of above has created a controversy in Dhar, Bhojshala and communal riots can erupt any time.

Professor Geelani should see the writing on the wall and he has killed the Kashmiriyat in Valley.

He should know Kashmir is an Integral Part of India and he will not succeed with his nefarious designs.

Hindu-Muslim Unity is need of the hour.