5 January 2016

Violence in Malda – West Bengal

Violence in Malda – West Bengal

Violence is erupting in various states in India after the Beef Ban Controversy and now on Prophet Muhammad in Malda.

Violence has also been noted in Tonk (Rajasthan), Sri Nagar (Jama Masjid), Meerut, Hyderabad and other various cities and states.

This violence have been racked up by ISI Pakistan and ISIS.

Spying activates in Police, Security Forces, Navy, Air Force and Army have taken a fat shape and IB alerts are increasing in day today life.

In my prophecy for 2016, I have clearly written about above and uncertainty and unpredictability of 2016.

This is most unfortunate part of 2016, “The whole world is passing through a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime and we should be alive for the bad moments and face it with our full strength to keep the dignity and honour of the people of whole world which should be our meaning to do the things in anticipation for goodness of humanity and avoid evil.”

Unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation is of prime importance and we should always create oneness.