6 January 2016

Political Prophecy for the year 2016 (II)

Political Prophecy for the year 2016 (II)

1.   Shia-Sunni conflict will take a dangerous escalation between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This will have a toxic effect on Muslim world as well as civilized world.                                                                                          

2.   War in Syria will also escalate and its impact more refuges generation, loss of property, woman and children would be badly affected. Europe USA and whole world will have horrific consequences.

3.   Third world war may erupt.

4.   Chances of development shall be marred.

5.   Woman, Children and Sr. Citizens shall have bad impact of the timeline and medicines and hospitals will be a scarcity.

6.   New diseases like hunger, poverty, greed, anger, violence, sexual harassment, prostitution, pornography and mental disorders will increase.

7.   Naked Death Dance shall be order of the day, shortage of water, food and essential services shall effect the life of the people en-mass.

To be continued……….