20 January 2016

Kashmir Day 19/01/20016

Kashmir Day 19/01/2016

Why India won't remember the day Kashmiri Pandits were left to die.

IS GOD DEAD????? The Truth About Jammu & Kashmir published by Partridge Publishing, A Penguin Random House Company, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, London IN 47403, P: +000 800 100 62 62 ext: 5680 launched on 07/12/14 by Doordarshan at Hindi Bhawan.

Kashmiri Pundits exterminated from their homeland by Jihadis and terrorist.

Parliamentarians reading IS GOD DEAD????? to find a permanent solution of Kashmir conflict. Appreciated by various professors, Lecturers and research scholars in many universities world over.

Now electronic media, print media and magazines are highlighting the Kashmiri Pundits miserable plight for help, justice and their return to the valley.

No justice when 26 long years have gone.

This sacred race demands mercy and justice from this cruel world.