2 January 2016

Anything Can Happen Any Time – 2016 Prophecy

Anything Can Happen Any Time – 2016 Prophecy

Wish you happy 2016 when it is not.

The other day on 25th I wrote about the visit of P.M. Modi to Pakistan. I termed the visit as sham and shame. Exactly, what I predicted has occurred.

Pakistan on 1st January 2016 gave a surprising, horrific, jolt by sending terrorists to Gurdaspur once again and targeted Pathankot army base.

I salute to two Jawans who attained martyrdom at site of encounter.

Basically, there is a fight between Sunni-Shia sects as far as Indian & Pakistani Muslims are concerned.

But now, this is Hindu Muslim fight as is evident from this encounter. Nobody can come without the support of locals and IB had alerted that spying by local Muslims is going on in Police, Security Forces, Army, Air Force and Navy. My thinking is complete polarization.

This is not good for a democratic country like India. Our  Modi Govt. is issuing press releases that Indian Muslims are innocent and they cannot go with ISIS or ISI Pakistan, but writing on wall is different.

Barrister Owasi, Azam Khan, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Lalu Yadav are playing vote bank politics to woo Muslims. But this is not in interest of today’s polity and Geo-Politics.