27 January 2016

Anand Truth Today

Anand Truth Today

1.   Zika Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya has no cure so we have to prevent it. No vaccine available.

2.   ISI Pak / ISIS is active in India and people are alarmed to be careful and not mix-up with such elements.

3.   Kashmiri Pundits have fundamental right to habitats in the valley of Kashmir. Why the Centre / State and Polity is silent?

4.   President U.S. Mr. Barack Obama alarms Jihadi danger from Pakistan. Why America is not suspending military aid?

5.   Europe should not harp on Donald Trump. But should play a Trump Card as advocated by Donald.

6.   To avoid Woman / Child sexual abuse, mother, father, family, neighborhood, Schools and colleges, and civil society will have to awake.

7.   Always be Truthful as it will generate peace of mind and positivity.