21 January 2016

Anand Truth Today

Anand Truth Today

  1.   The attack on Bacha Khan University in Peshawar – Pakistan is attack on civility humanity, education and wisdom. Culmination of Islamic Jihad ideology.

  2.   ISIS / ISI Pakistan activities in India are on the peak. Malda, Harda Fatehpur, Tonk, Pathankot are the places where they have done with the help of facility by our home grown radicals (SIMMI and IB).

  3.   Rhetorics of Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed and General Musharraf pointing towards nuclear threat are unfortunate and anything could happen at any time. We should be careful and alive.

4.   Donald Trump of USA gaining support from Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin.

5.   Indian Muslims believe in Sufism and they should not go for Wahhabism.

6.   Hindu-Muslim Unity is the need of the hour.

7. We have to guard our country ourselves from ongoing atmosphere of unrest, terrorism and religious frenzy.