9 January 2016

Anand Truth Today

Anand Truth Today

  1.   Raghubir Lal Anand requests P.M. Modi not to opt for 15 January 2016 talks as terror, trade and talk cannot go…….

  2.   For the time being India will have to ban travel of Pakistanis to India and play Donald Trump Card.

  3.   World will have to denuclearize Pakistan with U.S. help.

  4.   NATO, US and Russia should not sell arms and ammunitions to Paksitan.

5.   ISI Pakistan is directly responsible for attack on Air Base Pathankot. Involvement of various terrorists organizations is sham.

6.   The attack has been conducted professionally by Pak Army with well trained cadres.

Jamat-Ul-Dawa and Jaise Muhammad is directly under the control of Nawaz Sharif and top army brass General Raheel Sharif.