23 January 2016

Anand Truth Today Prophecy 2016

Anand Truth Today Prophecy 2016

Zika virus triggers pregnancy delay calls

A warning to the nation for prevention of: Zika Virus (Mosquitoes family)

A link to microcephaly (a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development) in newborns of infected mothers is now thought possible.

In India, we are already facing epidemic of mosquitoes generating Malaria, Filaria, Dengu, Chikungunya and now Zika Virus.

People should take intensive care for prevention:

Raghubir Lal Anand suggests:

1.   Wash your hand with soap and water before eating.

2.   Avoid mosquitoes generation in your house.

3.   Use enough fumigation, mosquitoes replants, mosquitoes nets and use odomos on the naked portion before sleeping.

4.   Children should be put in the net always during humid climate.

5.   Contact doctor immediately on infection and get your blood tested.

6.   Keep the environment clean.

7. Always beware from mosquitoes bite.