4 January 2016

A New Year Greeting from Pakistan

A New Year Greeting from Pakistan

Anything Can Happen Any Time – 2016 Prophecy

The other day on 25th December 2015, I wore about the visit of P.M. Modi to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I wrote about this visit that it is a sham and shame.

My countrymen and world dismissed my plea and backed Modi Ji for his historic visit to Pakistan.

The culmination is; Pak sent his well trained army men in the guise of terrorist to Pathankot airbase, killing, a large numbers of army men and air force officers, one Lt. Col. Niranjan of Kerla attained martyrdom. (A New Year Greeting from Pakistan)

“I salute the valor, bravery and supreme sacrifice for the sake of Bharat Mata, our scared Mother Land.”

The media NDA alliance maintained that talk should go on with Pakistan. But Shiv Sena termed this attack “Security failure”.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that Pakistan’s Polity, Society, Army, Air force and Navy is completely radicalized even if we talk the business and Kashmir and other CBM, still the Pakistan will deceive and put the dagger on the back.

No further talks with Pakistan as defense experts terming this attack “A Big Attack on Defense and Still Unable to Contain Operation Going on Till Writing of the Blog”.