28 December 2015

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016
  1.   Air Pollution, Scarcity of Water and food shall be the main topics of daily life.

  2.   ISIS and ISI Pakistan shall become more stronger and destroy the civilized society in Europe, USA and Asia.

  3.   Climate change will destroy rapidly human and animal life and other creatures present on earth and a horrific destruction of movable and immovable property.

4.   Islamic Jihad and fundamentalism shall prevail strongly and this will be a challenge to whole world.

5.   There will be spate of divorces, sexual harassment, rapes and gang rapes to woman and children and transgender and gays shall excel.

6.   Rates of essential commodities, vegetables, Dal-Dalhan and other human needs like medicines and life saving drugs shall increase.

7.   Natural calamities like bush fires, floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms and tidal, waves will destroy property as well as life to a great extent.

To be continued……………