12 December 2015

Terror, Talks, Cricket & Donald Trump

Terror, Talks, Cricket & Donald Trump
The other day on 9th December 2015, I wrote a blog on Donald Trump and the Paris attack on Paris and its reaction on Muslim World and Muslims living in USA.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that Mr. Donald Trump has created a history of sorts, in open Europe and U.S.’s top politicians are criticizing Trump for his sour remarks on “Muslims of all hues should not be allowed to travel USA”.

The truth is that every fourth American is taking the remarks of Mr. Trump in positive and they hail him as savior at a time when America is on war with ISIS in Syria, in Afghanistan and other countries like Spain.

The Europeans have criticized Donald Trump but on the other side, they are realizing that this is the only Panacea for all ills arising from Muslims jihad and fundamentalism.

Raghubir Lal Anand suggests P.M. Modi Ji that they should see writing on the wall and issue orders in the style of Donald Trump that no Pakistani national should not be allowed to travel India and this will help him in containing terrorism in J&K and other parts of the country like Mumbai where 26/11 was staged by Pakistan. We should san (avoid) playing cricket with Pakistan and tell Imran Khan that he should not travel this country being the harbinger of doom, distraction & death in India.