10 December 2015

Terror, Talks & Cricket Cannot Be Allowed With Pakistan

Terror, Talks & Cricket Cannot Be Allowed With Pakistan

The other day on 08th December 2015 , I wrote a blog on abrupt visit of Sushma Sawraj to Islamabad, Pakistan.
At the time of meeting “Heart of Asia Conference” on security and stability in Afghanistan.

Kandahar Airport was besieged by Taliban and 37 civilians were killed in an attack Tuesday night at a market bazaar and a school near Kandahar airport. Taliban is a creation of Pakistan and they were used against Russia during the war in Afghanistan.

The Pak media took this visit in an undesirable and uncivilized manner.

Sushma Ji did not said a single world on Hafiz Saeed, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, 26/11 attack, Dawood Ibrahim and Siachen Glacier. She was fearing to talk due to under pressure.

This shows that P.M. Modi has committed blunder after blunder and this visit shall go against the norms maintained by the country. Kashmiri is an integral part of India and Pakistan shall have to vacate POK.

Raghubir Lal Anand thinks that such visits are nasty, dirty and shameful from all angles of a state (Pakistan) who is daily waging war against India and has no decency for the visit of an Indian External Affairs Minister. It is a failed visit and should not be repeated in future.

Donald Trump of USA idea is to be considered for India also.