8 December 2015

Terror, Talk & Cricket Cannot Be Allowed With Pakistan

Terror, Talk & Cricket Cannot Be Allowed With Pakistan

Today, External Affair Minister visiting Pakistan and shall decide their whether cricket series with Pakistan in Sri Lanka shall be held on 17/12/15.

On 30/11/15, Raghubir Lal Anand wrote a blog Indo-Pak Relation & Cricket. Mr. Kirti Azad has vindicated my point, I wrote on 27th November 2015 that at this critical time we should not play cricket with Pakistan on Sri Lanka venue as Pak is an enemy country and beheading our Jawans in Jammu & Kashmir front and daily our brave Col. & Gen. ranks officers are being killed.

"Pakistan does not consider Kashmir to be a geographical or border dispute but a dispute due to the unfinished business of Partition of the subcontinent in 1947," Mr Sharif writes in his letter to Ms Andrabi, who heads the outfit Dukhtaran-e-Millat in J&K.

P.M. Modi has not taken in to confidence any political party why meeting of NSA in Bangkok and everything is secret. What transpired between the two in Paris on 30th November 2015, is also a mystery.

Our Prime Minister is not so apt to deal with Pakistan on Kashmir and other complicated matters. Here is a big blunder on his part and he will lose the sheen of his office as P.M.

The decay in the career of P.M. Modi has started and he should think once again while dealing with Pak.