5 December 2015

Paris Attack on Black Friday of 13 November 2015

Paris Attack on Black Friday of 13 November 2015

ISIS attack on Paris is unfortunate and spontaneous. Paris never thought that there will be such a ghastly attack after Charlie Hebdo episode earlier.

Why Raghubir Lal Anand is writing this as this is akin to 26/11 attack by Pakistan ISI in Mumbai on Wednesday and lasted on 29th November 2008.

Paris is better equipped country and they have better intelligence than India and still they could not smell this to happen.

Raghubir Lal Anand requests Indian politicians and defense think tanks as well as Media and civil society should take lesson from this horrific incident of year 2015, which is offing on 31th of December and the world shall go into 2016. The hopes, expectations, desires, promises, dreams, fantasy and similar human actions will play a great part in the New Year. Everybody expects happy New Year and pray god for betterment in the year to come.

“The whole world is passing though a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime and we should be alive for the bad moments and face it with our full strength to keep the dignity and honor of the people of whole world which should be our meaning to do the things in anticipation for goodness of humanity and avoid evil.”

Paris has decided that they should lock the Masjids in their country and flush out Pakistani Muslims who have migrated to Europe long back and now have become facilitators of ISI and ISIS.

What India will take the cue? Raghubir Lal Anand does not know but we should take a lesson from the Paris.