19 December 2015

ISIS and ISI Pakistan - Chips of the Same Block

ISIS and ISI Pakistan - Chips of the Same Block

The other day on 23 November 2015, I wrote a blog on “India Is Passing Though A Critical Situation & Bad Time”.
Raghubir Lal Anand observed through media that ISIS is no threat to Bharatkhande (India). This myth waned within less than a month and now people are harping on ideology of Islamic ISIS and ISI Pakistan. 

Recently, there are a lot of stories in the press and their effect is seen in Pakistan, Jammu & Kashmir and all states of the India.

In U.N. also one Yazidi girl name Nadia was telling that ISIS cadres, gang raping, forced marriages, sodomy to youths, mental torture to all, murders, looting of property and extra sexual harassment to Yazidi population in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS movement has been escalated by Pakistani Muslims associated with Indians and a lot of youth is interested to join cadres and also perform subversion in Indian States.

Raghubir Lal Anand thinks that ISIS and ISI Pakistan have the same Islamic ideology to bring Nizam-E-Mustafa in the continent and anything can happen at any time as India is passing through a bad time.

In New Year 2016, more and more subversion by these demons of death, destruction and doom is expected. We should be prepared for any eventuality.