12 December 2015

Indo-Pak Relations Today

Indo-Pak Relations Today

Today, Indo-Pak Relations have gone all time low, the reason is that knee-jerk gesture of P.M. Modi at Paris while meeting Nawaz Sharif abruptly. What prompted him to talk first without any invitation or gesture from Nawaz. Why is he interested in talking Nawaz who is enemy of this beautiful Incredible India.

Sending External Affair  Minister to Islamabad on 8th and 9th December 2015 for “Heart of Asia Conference” on security and stability in Afghanistan. In the backdrop killing was going on at Kandahar Airport where 50 people were killed by Talibans. At Pulwama J&K encounter between security forces and terrorists was on and heavy firing was going on.

Pakistan media used dirty languages which we cannot put on this blog and bashed India in strong words that they termed the visit not useful and undesirable. They hurled abuses on our P.M. Sh. Narendra Modi in most shameful manner.

This is not the time congenial for visit to Pak. It is a hasty step and arranging cricket ties at bad time when India is passing though a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime.

P.M. Modi will have to pay price for this historic blunder and he should take lesson from Paris terrorist attack.