16 December 2015

Home Turf War

Home Turf War

1.   C.M. Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is using derogatory and loose language against our P.M. Modi Ji instantly. There should be some political decency and honour for the P.M.

2.   Climate change is topic of today and tomorrow and taking high toll of human beings, animals and other creatures present on the earth.

3.   One has to be careful in day today life to avoid bad air (air pollution), safe drinking water (avoid water pollution), food poisoning due to polluted intake of food is a big risk and once should be careful and lead the life simple.

4.   Do not discuss the Religion and Jihad in open. Keep quiet and listen to others and do not anger.

5.   San blue films and other pornography available on net. This will take you to mental disorders and other social problems in total avoid non conventional sex.

6.   Plat trees and small plants in your home and on the land available anywhere.

7.   Peace of mind is must and do Yoga for 10 to 15 minutes daily in the morning and evening and do meditation for 10 Minutes.

                     Lead a happy, healthy and simple life.