2 December 2015

Cricket Is Played With Friends Not Enemies.

Cricket Is Played With Friends Not Enemies.

Why We Should Not Play Cricket With Pakistan?

1.   Cricket is a gentleman’s game and should be played gently with civilized teams. Pakistan is a terrorist state and does not hold credentials of civility.

2.   Cricket is played with friendly countries and friendly teams to enhance a sportsman’s spirit and to attain peace and respectful atmosphere in the playground and it is a best entertainer and gives happiness to all type of viewers, who believes in global friendship and respect for high and low. Here, Pakistan does not qualify the above format as it generates heat of hate / violence.

3.   The fatal factor which goes against Pakistan. The presence of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan who is God Guru of Indian Muslims as well as Pakistani Muslims. In betting he is collecting Crores and Crores and goes for subversive activies against India.

4.   Shashank Manohar, President of the BCCI, Anurag Thakur, secretary of the BCCI, Sharad Pawar, formar Chairman of BCCI, Rajeev Shukla, Senior Functionary, Farooq Abdullah, Lalit Modi, Arun Jetly or interested for India-Pakistan Cricket match series in Sri Lanka.

Question is why they should be interested for this unholy act which goes against the spirit of game and country as a whole as Pakistan is enemy country. May be money game?