1 December 2015

Climate Change – Mother Nature

Climate Change – Mother Nature

Bharatkhande is an Indus Valley Civilization and basically our system and culture is guided by Vedic Philosophy & Ideology. We are an agricultural economy. Industrialization has added injury to Mother Nature and we have polluted our air, water, food and earth with toxic material like mercury, arsenic, cyanide and other harmful acids and alkali.

We have destroyed our trees and plants en-mass and gave birth to concrete jungles throughout the country. There is no space for agriculture, trees & plants.

The greedy timber mafia has destroyed the trees like Sal, Deodar, Teak, Chinar, Neem, Jamun, Oak, Canes, Bamboo Trees etc.
On the roads, railway tracks and housing complexes and in forests and on hills, we see baren lands and concrete structure.

Raghubir Lal Anand on his blog 28/11/15 recommended, “The emission coming out from autos and trucks has poisonous fumes and making the life of the citizens a hell like and generates uncontrollable diseases related to breathing, heart and mind etc.”

Solution - Plant tress wherever you find the space, use public transport for mobility, keep your life simple, eat simple, avoid pornography yourself and advice your children also, do not blame each other but stand united (Hindu-Muslim Unity), ask the municipals to make clean and simple toilets with adequate water. Do not drink, smoke, eat pan masala, gutkha and other tobacco products etc. and keep away yourself from brown sugar and smoke and your children’s also. Make a healthy, wealthy India.