7 December 2015

Babri Masjid Anniversary – 6th December 2015

Babri Masjid Anniversary – 6th December 2015

It is most unfortunate part of Indian history that on this day 6th December 1992 (Black Sunday). In Ayodhya town in Uttar Pradesh which was the seat of Raghukul dynasty and according to Ramayana, this is the birth place of Lord Rama who is called Raghubir also – My name sake.

Demolition of Babri Masjid was executed by “Teenage Kar Sevaks” of RSS. The historians say that this was preplanned, other differ and say this was a spontaneous reaction of the “Teenage Kar Sevaks” who went for Puja in the make shift temple. History also tells that the lock of the Ram Lala Temple was opened by our former Prime Minister Late Sh. Rajeev Gandhi Ji.

My Muslim brothers and sisters observing ‘Yaum-e-Gham’ (day of sorrow) and hoisting black flags and badges and mass protests mutely as well as vocal – Owaisi Saheb says that he will be constructing 1000 Babri Masjids in India and Abu Azmi says anybody who goes to Ayodhya for making the temple shall be killed. Azam Khan says that should show solidarity with Muslims and remove the Ram Lala Temple from disputed site and a new Grand Babri Masjid should be constructed to please the Muslims living in India. Shahi Imam, Sayed Abdullah Bukhari says that this is only a dream of Mohan Bhagwat it will be a dream only and Muslims have been constructing a battery of Masjids everywhere in the country.

Raghubir Lal Anand recommends that the time is not ripe to discuss Babri Masjid as the Jihad and fundamentalism has infested in the country everywhere in every state and this has also entered in police, military and intelligence cells and we are passing through a very critical time where Hindu-Muslim Unity is the need of the hour.