31 December 2015

What happened in 2015?

What happened in 2015?

  1.   ISIS and ISI Pakistan have become the Super Merchants of Death, Doom and Destruction and its effect can be seen on Syria, USA, U.K., France and India and other countries in South Asia and Africa.

  2.   Violence in the shape of Islamic Jihad has become the order of the day and Muslims living in Non-Muslims countries have become prey of this ideology and philosophy of violence hate and anger, laced with greed which is against the human rights and human desire and aspirations to live in a civilized world with peace and tranquility.

3.   Basically, this is the war between Shia & Sunni sects of Islam but it has taken the heavy toll of Non-Muslims and affected the economy and living easy life of all human beings for no cause and not their fault. The only their fault is they are Non-Muslims spate of refugees generated for difficult journey.

4.   The pace of peace, mercy, composite living and a cosmopolitan character is waning with a speed.

5.   Donald Trump of USA who is in Presidential race has suggested, “Muslims of all hues should not be allowed to travel in USA”.

6.   Raghubir Lal Anand requests that in 2016 we should take a pledge that we shall live a simple and peaceful life without discussing religion.

7.   Osho has said that Religion is outdated in the society of Today.


What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016

  1.   Prices of food, grains and vegetables shall be higher due to poor warehousing, transportation and spoilage due to rains, floods and other natural calamities like drought and prevailing, hoardings, black marketing and sutta (betting) etc.

  2.   Crops will be affected due to sporadic rains and drought like situation will prevail in most of the part in the world.

3.   The use of harmful fertilizers and dangerous chemicals in processed food will take a fat toll of human and animal life due to food poisoning and diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, renal failures and mental diseases shall increase and reach at alarming rate.

4.   Due to terrorism and activities of ISIS and ISI Pakistan there will be dip in the business of hotel industry and tourism shall be effected.

5.   Domestic tourism / religious tourism shall reduce.

6.   Police, Intelligence agencies, IB and army shall have a tough time as Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world has attained Himalayan Heights

7.   Fake currency, smuggling of arms and ammunitions and narcotics, drugs, prostitution, spying by enemy country like Pakistan and terrorist activities on borders shall be up due to Islamic Jihad, honey trap through cyber (crimes) will increase in full form. Gold and diamonds shall also be a prime commodity of smuggling.

To be continued……………

30 December 2015

Flags Controversy in Kashmir

Flags Controversy in Kashmir

In vanishing year 2015, Kashmir controversies un-ending. Now, there is flag controversy.

Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh (state) is integral part of this beautiful and incredible India, ratified by the Indian parliament.

The Islamist as well as Muslim Hurriyat, Kashmiri Political Parties including NC & PDP want their own flag on Govt. buildings as well as on cars.

It is in the press that High Court has validated this flag in red color with three lines and a plough as given in the caption.

Raghubir Lal Anand asks from this world as well as BJP, Is it okay with the Indian democracy?

Article 370 has to be abolished, while doing so P.M. and parliament should know that not a dog will bark in the valley of Kashmir.

This bold steps shall make The Prime Minister as Hero and he has the backing of 125 Crore people of India including all political parties except radicalized Muslims of the valley and Pakistan.

P.M. Modi should know that his image has dipped due to giving sops of 80068 Crore to Islamists as aid and his visit to Pakistan recently on 25/12/15.

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016
  1.   Prices of ferrous and nonferrous metals will rise.

  2.   Prices of Electronics and Electricals shall rise.

  3.   Chemicals, fertilizers and insecticides shall be up.

  4.   Sensex shall be around 2500 points on an average or below.

  5.   Exports will be low and Import increase.

6.   Industrial close down shall be on peak.

7.   Price of electricity and non conventional energy shall be up.
To be continued……………

29 December 2015

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016

   1.   Thefts, dacoities, snatchings, bank frauds, bank snatchings, locker breaks, cyber crimes and economic offences of forex and local shall rise at alarming rate.

   2.   Juvenile will commit more and more sexual and social crimes.

   3.   Fires, Acid attacks on woman, murders, feticide of girl child, kidnapping, extra marital affairs, deaths, will increase.

4.   Parliament logjam will continue due to conflict of ruling and opposition parties.

5.   Ram Mandir shall never be a reality as the atmosphere is vitiated by Muslims objections and religious frenzy, a battery of Masjid will come up throughout India and one thousand Babri Masjids shall be constructed by Owasi.

6.   In 2016 Kashmiri Pundits may not get any justice from centre as well as from state govt.

7.   Article 370 will be widely discussed in the new year but due to vote bank politics nothing will change and it will stay.

To be continued……………

Plight of Kashmiri Pundits For The Last 25 Years – No Justice

Plight of Kashmiri Pundits For The Last 25 Years – No Justice

Year 2015 is vanishing, Kashmiri Pundits numbering 61000 who applied for return to valley are still languishing in refugee camps in their own country and their condition has become from bad to worst when 25 years have passed.

Raghubir Lal Anand thinks that the way P.M. Modi is behaving with Kashmir and Kashmiri Muslims no justice could be expected from BJP regime and things will be drifting towards hellish as Kashmiri Pundits have lost the Paradise in 1990.

I warmly thank to Anupam Kher Ji a Bollywood actor and Zee Media, they are keeping the flame burning for the cause of Kashmiri Pundits and expect other Media Barons will follow and with their collective efforts, some change may come for justice.

Raghubir Lal Anand is launching a monthly magazine in 2016 title ANAND TRUTH in English for highlighting the pains, sorrows of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Hope that world will cooperate with me for this venture which is costly and painstaking.

Our democracy is meaningless till Kashmiri Pundits are returned and rehabilitated in the valley of Kashmir with dignity and honour.

HAPPY 2016

28 December 2015


Raghubir Lal Anand wish happy 2016 to all facebook friends numbering 3525, on G+ 1098 friends, Blog viewers 5036 and profile viewer on G+ 90557.

I am highly thankful to my friends and fans who like my photographs on facebook more than 2500, birthday wishes numbering 500, good wishes on facebook photographs and on profile 1600.

My best wishes to all my viewers who commented on my blogs and facebook in India, United States, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan, France, United Arab Emirates.

Year 2016 is unpredictable and uncertain, “The whole world is passing through a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime and we should be alive for the bad moments and face it with our full strength to keep the dignity and honor of the people of whole world which should be our meaning to do the things in anticipation for goodness of humanity and avoid evil.”

Raghubir Lal Anand wish happy, peaceful, lovable, livable, healthy, wealthy, filled with vibrancy, honour, dignity and learning a way of cosmopolitan life in civilized manner and comfortable thoughts with compassion and mercy for all beings on the earth.

HAPPY 2016

What Will Happen in 2016

What Will Happen in 2016
  1.   Air Pollution, Scarcity of Water and food shall be the main topics of daily life.

  2.   ISIS and ISI Pakistan shall become more stronger and destroy the civilized society in Europe, USA and Asia.

  3.   Climate change will destroy rapidly human and animal life and other creatures present on earth and a horrific destruction of movable and immovable property.

4.   Islamic Jihad and fundamentalism shall prevail strongly and this will be a challenge to whole world.

5.   There will be spate of divorces, sexual harassment, rapes and gang rapes to woman and children and transgender and gays shall excel.

6.   Rates of essential commodities, vegetables, Dal-Dalhan and other human needs like medicines and life saving drugs shall increase.

7.   Natural calamities like bush fires, floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms and tidal, waves will destroy property as well as life to a great extent.

To be continued……………

26 December 2015

Hunger, Poverty, Suicide, Malnutrition, Violence and Social Boycott of Bundelkhand

Hunger, Poverty, Suicide, Malnutrition, Violence and Social Boycott of Bundelkhand

The other day on 23 December 2015, I wrote a blog on Bundelkhand which falls in U.P. as well as in M.P.

This blog created a flutter in The State Govt. and Centre also.

Raghubir Lal Anand is amazed to know that Mr. Rahul Gandhi will be shortly visiting to Bundelkhand and Mr. Akhlesh Yadav, C.M. has announced that 24 hours electricity shall be given to Bundelkhand and also he will pay his attention for “Manrega” relief to people of Bundelkhand for drought relief etc.

Raghubir Lal Anand requests P.M. Modi to see the writing on wall and do something in this direction as going to foreign counties and hearing chants of Modi Modi is amusing but harsh reality of farmer community who are committing suicide en-mass. Year 2015 is ending and today 19 months have passed of Modi regime but on this turf people are still eating “Ghass Ki Roti” when we have reached Mars and India is going to become a Super Power in the world, with a vibrant economy.

Historic Journey from Afghanistan – Pakistan – India of P.M. Modi on Merry Christmas

Historic Journey from Afghanistan – Pakistan – India of P.M. Modi on Merry Christmas

Media termed the visit as historical. Pak media termed it P.M. Modi’s own decision. Congress says visit arranged by a businessman for business purpose.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that it was preplanned visit – knee jerk reaction of P.M. Modi.

“The whole world is passing through a critical situation these days and anything can happen anytime and we should be alive for the bad moments and face it with our full strength to keep the dignity and honor of the people of whole world which should be our meaning to do the things in anticipation for goodness of humanity and avoid evil.”
Raghubir Lal Anand on 5 December 2015

Raghubir Lal Anand feels keeping in view of the above, year 2016 is a year of uncertainty, climate change, high voltage of Islamic terror frenzy and low global economy and pressure of ISIS and ISI Pakistan.

The visit of Prime Minister is dismissed as sham and shame for the whole world.

25 December 2015

Happy & Marry Christmas

Happy & Marry Christmas
Celebrate Christmas with Senior Citizens, Children and Women who have been abused by this cruel world.

Jesus pardoned his enemies who crucified him. This day is for showing sympathy and compassion to whole humans race, animals and birds who are sick poor or became victim of violence, hate, greed and drugs.

                                                                        Raghubir Lal Anand

Babri Masjid Anniversary – 6th December 2015

Babri Masjid Anniversary – 6th December 2015

The other day on 7 December 2015, I wrote a blog on Babri Masjid.

Raghubir Lal Anand wrote this blog in good faith that people should have patience and keep peace in the country on the above subject as human life is more important than Mandir-Masjid.

Yesterday, I was watching India T.V. and with dismay I saw Owaisi Saheb who is a barrister from England and highly educated person but unfortunately the way he speaks is derogatory, undesirable and indecent and he with Azam Khan also targeting security forces for their role in demolition of Babri Masjid.

Owaisi Saheb and Mr. Azam Khan should mind their language, there is freedom of speech in this country but the way these two people are spewing venom against the state as well as the people who are involved in constructing Ram Temple is a great betrayal to a particular faith. Although, we are a secular country and we are feeding goat meat to minorities which is Rs.500 Per Kg and giving “Ghass Ki Roti” to farmers in Bundelkhand.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that good sense shall prevail and such toxic lecture should not be delivered any more on media. It hurts the feeling of 125 Crore population of the country whose Prime Minister is Sh. Narender Modi. Hindu-Muslim Unity is the need of hour.

23 December 2015

Hunger, Poverty, Suicide, Malnutrition, Violence and Social Boycott of Bundelkhand

Hunger, Poverty, Suicide, Malnutrition, Violence and Social Boycott of Bundelkhand
The other day 22/12/15, I saw a documentary edited by Rahul Sinha on Zee Media.
Bundelkhand is an agricultural belt and due to poor rain fall for the last 25 years the drought is looming large since. People are eating “Ghass Ki Roti” (Chapati made of wild grass seeds).
Farmers suicide going on and P.M. is requested to see this seriously and help. Farmers are the ‘back-bone’ of our economy as they are the food producers for one and all. A big part of the country is reeling under drought. The payment of farmers for the supply of sugar-cane to sugar mills has not been made and issue has been pending and affecting the farmers in a big way.
                Anand Truth Magazine December Issue
We are giving sops to the Muslims living in the country and even Hajj Money is given for performing pilgrimage to Mecca. We are giving 80,068 Crore to Kashmiri Muslims as aid. There is a big question mark on Modi Ji for his policy on land and farmers.
Year 2015 is ending and I request this nation to see the writing on wall and do something for poor farmers who are committing suicide en-mass.

22 December 2015

What happened in 2015

What happened in 2015

 1.   Oil prices dipped 36.5 Dollar per barrel.

 2.   Property is on the down trend.

 3.   Islamic Jihad has risen to peak in Syria 60% and number increasing in other countries. Refugee problem has taken a scandal point in Europe, US and Turkey.

 4.   Climate change was the top agenda and this has taken fat toll of human and animal life.

 5.   Terrorist attack by Pakistan up in Jammu & Kashmir.

6.   Prices of essential commodities were on rise.

7.   Economy of Europe and US on downward.

8.   Rail, road, air, naval tragedies took heavy toll of life and property.

9.   Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms and tidal, waves destroyed property as well as life to a great extend.

10.                     ISIS / ISI Pakistan became stronger and stronger and wanted to destroy the civilized world.

11.                     Political parties mudslinging on each other.

12.                     Drought prevailed on alarming note and hunger, poverty and malnutrition has increased.

13.                     Ties with Pakistan all time low.

14.                     Sawachh Bharat movement failed.

15.                     Rapes, Gang rapes, sexual harassment to woman, girls & Children increased at an alarming extent and no justice.

16.                     Suicide by farmers en-mass.

21 December 2015

Donald Trump Vs Indian Politics

Donald Trump Vs Indian Politics

In the vanishing year 2015 “Trump Prank” is most talking subject in USA and it has impacted the whole world and Muslims in particular.
While debating ISIS, Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Democratic Presidential hopeful described, “Trump becomes IS’s best recruiter”. 

Trump over his recent anti Muslim rhetoric saying the Islamic State was using to attract recruits, something that was called out as unsubstantiated by fact – Checkers.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that whether Hillary is telling so due to vote bank politics or it is a real – no comments as far as India is concerned.

The reality is that all the Pakistani’s citizen will have to pack back to Pakistan living in US and Europe.

The thinking of Raghubir Lal Anand is that it is a Magic Mantra for P.M. Modi that he inculcates Trump’s ideology and give a final shape to it. It will solve Kashmir problem and terrorist strike in India. Also it will reduce the danger of Dirty Bomb – Islamic Nuclear Bomb which is looming large always in recent rhetoric by various top brass of Pakistani Defence Ministers and Army top brass.

Climate Change – Mother Nature

Climate Change – Mother Nature

The other day on 01 December 2015, on Climate  ChangeMother Nature. Year 2015 is having only 10 days to go and we will be in New Year 2016.

Raghubir Lal Anand recommends that we should first of all get rid from Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution and Food Pollution (Food Poisoning) which is making our life complicated and generating horrible diseases. We should reduce emission from Cars, Trucks and other Two Wheelers and Three Wheeler, Four Wheeler and promote battery operated or solar driven vehicles / electric vehicles.

We should clean river Yamuna and should not add our sewerage system with the sacred river.

We should plant trees in abundance on railway tracks, road tracks and the places where there is space for greenery and we should increase the cover of our Ridge and ban plastics bags.

Adequate parking space should be provided to shopping complexes and other places etc.

Mad race for buying cars should be contained and more and more Tramways, Metro-ways and Green Transportation should be introduced.

19 December 2015

ISIS and ISI Pakistan - Chips of the Same Block

ISIS and ISI Pakistan - Chips of the Same Block

The other day on 23 November 2015, I wrote a blog on “India Is Passing Though A Critical Situation & Bad Time”.
Raghubir Lal Anand observed through media that ISIS is no threat to Bharatkhande (India). This myth waned within less than a month and now people are harping on ideology of Islamic ISIS and ISI Pakistan. 

Recently, there are a lot of stories in the press and their effect is seen in Pakistan, Jammu & Kashmir and all states of the India.

In U.N. also one Yazidi girl name Nadia was telling that ISIS cadres, gang raping, forced marriages, sodomy to youths, mental torture to all, murders, looting of property and extra sexual harassment to Yazidi population in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS movement has been escalated by Pakistani Muslims associated with Indians and a lot of youth is interested to join cadres and also perform subversion in Indian States.

Raghubir Lal Anand thinks that ISIS and ISI Pakistan have the same Islamic ideology to bring Nizam-E-Mustafa in the continent and anything can happen at any time as India is passing through a bad time.

In New Year 2016, more and more subversion by these demons of death, destruction and doom is expected. We should be prepared for any eventuality.

18 December 2015

Talk, Terror and Trade With Pakistan

Talk, Terror and Trade With Pakistan

The other day on 16December 2015, I wrote a blog on Indo-Pak Relations - We should follow Donald Trump of USA and not allow Pakistanis to travel India – Total Ban and close Pak embassy in New Delhi and our embassy in Islamabad.

I got 25 likes on Facebook and 37 views and 9 likes on G+. My total viewing is 80,845 on G+ as on today.

Raghubir Lal Anand is an ordinary senior citizen and his blogs are popular in India as well as in USA, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Pakistan, France, Germany, UAE and Australia.

My stand was negated by Sunder Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg under pressure from the Muslim World.

Raghubir Lal Anand is happy to inform this beautiful world of humanity and learning that Vladimir Putin has vindicated my stand with the following world.

Putin praises Trump. Described US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump as a talented and outstanding man, welcoming his stance on Muslim travelling USA.

Will P.M. Modi read this? And take a serious note on Indo-Pak relations on the present circumstances and happenings in J&K.

17 December 2015

India Is Known As Country Of Rapes

 India Is Known As Country Of Rapes

On 16 December 2012, horrific incident of gang rape shook the nation and prompted the Govt. to change laws in the country. Whole country is unsafe for woman.

Today, India is known the country of rapes and right from 2012, there is no respite from this ghastly crime against woman and children.
This has put a stigma on a sacred country like Bharatkhande where we worship woman and womanhood and say our girl child Devi (Goddess).

Since 2012, Three years have gone, almost every day Raghubir Lal Anand is pained to read the newspapers and see on electronics media a spate of Rapes, Gang Rapes, Transgender Rapes, Sexual Harassment to woman, Children to the age of three onward. In foreign media, they make Headlines to bash our society and country as whole.

Raghubir Lal Anand prays to parents, relations of the woman and children, neighborhood, civil society, police and judiciary to take these matters seriously and put break on pornography shown easily on mobiles and other gadgets.

It is a matter of shame that creamy layer of the community wants free access to porn and recently this has been liberalized by the ministry headed by Sh. Ravi Shankar.

Juvenile Justice Act has not been passed by Rajya Sabha even after over a year. Only the people of our county could save our woman and children from………. Not the parliament, police and judiciary.

16 December 2015

Home Turf War

Home Turf War

1.   C.M. Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is using derogatory and loose language against our P.M. Modi Ji instantly. There should be some political decency and honour for the P.M.

2.   Climate change is topic of today and tomorrow and taking high toll of human beings, animals and other creatures present on the earth.

3.   One has to be careful in day today life to avoid bad air (air pollution), safe drinking water (avoid water pollution), food poisoning due to polluted intake of food is a big risk and once should be careful and lead the life simple.

4.   Do not discuss the Religion and Jihad in open. Keep quiet and listen to others and do not anger.

5.   San blue films and other pornography available on net. This will take you to mental disorders and other social problems in total avoid non conventional sex.

6.   Plat trees and small plants in your home and on the land available anywhere.

7.   Peace of mind is must and do Yoga for 10 to 15 minutes daily in the morning and evening and do meditation for 10 Minutes.

                     Lead a happy, healthy and simple life.