13 November 2015

P.M. Modi’s U.K. Visit

P.M. Modi’s U.K. Visit
Huge Movement For U.K. And India - BBC London

On 12 November 2015, I wrote an article on Ikhlaq of Dadri (U.P.), Intolerance - In a Secular State, Bharatkhande (India). On this blog I got 36 likes and on blogger 8 views (not much) and 96 followers on twitter, 8282 profile viewer on G+.

In U.K. media ‘intolerance’ is the main agenda of Media (electronics as well as print media).

P.M. Modi says India is not intolerant.

On 4th November 2015, Raghubir Lal asked the world – “Who is intolerant? – Modi or Muslims.”

In U.K. when Modi Ji went in the press conference, 10 Downing Street – London, 1000 protesters comprising Kashmiri Muslims, Sikh Community, Nepalies, Tamils and Dalits were joined by British Human Rights activists. George Galloway; who had once backed Saddam Hussain.

“David Camron should not have invited Mr. Modi.” Mr. Galloway told the protesters. Raghubir Lal Anand saw a Sikh with yellow turban was ‘crying’ Modi is a murderer of Sikhs and Muslims and should go back. World should answer my question.

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