17 November 2015

Modi’s Visit to U.K. and G20 (Turkey)

Modi’s Visit to U.K. and G20 (Turkey)
P.M. Modi’s visit to U.K. was a big success for P.M. David William Donald Cameron from 12 November 2015 To 14 November 2015.

Chants of Modi Modi are usual during his visits to the foreign country and he has become a very popular and an important world leader. What India gained from his visit is unclear, but the horrific incident of 13th November in Paris made this visit unforgettable for all times to come.

Raghubir Lal Anand does not know that U.K., France, other European countries and USA will do anything on the terrorism being practiced by Pakistan lobby. Specially in J&K (India) the situation is grim and day by day getting bad to worse.
P.M. Modi should not look for any help from European nations as well as from USA as they consider Pakistan as their Pawn and using it for mercantilism in the South-Asia.

India should have a lesson from France as there is a similarity in the killing of innocent persons at 6 places. ISIS and Pakistani based terrorists have using deferent modules in all the states of India and active 24x7 and can do any subversive at any time, IM, SIMI, LET, ISI, ISIS and other such cells are prevailing in all the states. Owasi, Azam Khan, Abu Azami, Dawood Ibrahim’s Family giving fan to the fire.