6 November 2015

Hindu-Muslim Unity On Political Atmosphere Of The Country Today

Hindu-Muslim Unity On Political Atmosphere Of The Country Today.

Honorable Justice Rajinder Sachar (Retired) with various artists and poets at a public meeting on Thursday 05 November 2015 in New Delhi said:

“Ruling BJP to rein in their controversial leaders or face a storm of Award Vapsi”.

Justice Sachar is not only a retired justice of SC but also the head of Sachar committee that drafted a report on the social, economic and educational status of Muslims, also went on to call the BJP and RSS ‘Foolish’.

Justice Sachar is a great personality and the son of Honorable C.M. Punjab Bhim Sen Sachar (Died on January 18, 1978, aged 83). Both son and father served the country in a disciplined manner and being from the advocate family, we see how the people of India have benefitted by duo.

We see a vibrant judiciary true nationalism, unity, secularism and incredible India, produced by such personalities.

I agree with the thoughts of Honorable Justice Rajinder Sachar Sahib but he should see the writing on the wall as far as his love for the Muslim minorities. He should also think about Hindus who have no voice and 7 Lacs Kashmiri Pundits thrown out of valley of Kashmir and even after expiry of 25 years no respite.

1.   Attack on the Indian Parliament by Afzal Guru.
2.   26/11 and serial blast in Mumbai.
3.   Daily firing on borders by Pakistan.
4.   Dawood Ibrahim Factor even living in Pakistan getting gate money of films and bet money of Cricket just sitting in Pakistan and bashing India constantly.

5.   In spite of giving much more rights than the Hindus, they are not satisfied and emergence of Owaisi and Azam Khan as a big political rival in Indian Politics to poison and snub the particular community - Hindus.