4 November 2015

Extreme in Tolerance – Shah Rukh Khan

Extreme in Tolerance – Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan joins several authors, writers, scientist and film makers to portray Bharatkhande (India).

In tolerance religiously……. Not being secular in this country is the worst crime you can do as a patriot.

“Already a big debate has erupted over growing in tolerance”.

Congress marched with Sonia Ji to President House to convey concern over in tolerance.

The nation is not clear whether the intolerance has increased in Muslim minorities on beef eating or Mr. Modi our prime Minister has become in tolerant.

This is a million Dollar question to be debated I would like to tell this beautiful country incredible India that whole Bollywood is a branch of interests with God Guru Dawood Ibrahim who is financing for films as well as a leader in Cricket world of betting scandals. He has a truck with Lalit Modi who has become fugitive and tried to destroy our democracy though his bad deeds and statements on Sushma Sawraj Ji and Sonia Gandhi Ji.

Raghubir Lal Anand wanted to know from this nation who is in tolerant? – Modi or Muslims.