11 November 2015

Aid of 80068 Crore for Kashmir

Aid of 80068 Crore for Kashmir
On the other day, I wrote a blog on 9th November 2015, communicating to this nation beautiful and incredible India, celebrating the festivals of lamps (Deepawali).

I wish a very happy, prosperous, good health for all and mental peace to all, 125 Crore people of this country.

“In case P.M. goes with the pleasing words of Sayeed Mufti, it is his downfall. And P.M. will be blamed for it for all times to come. This is unfortunate and aid may be withdrawn.”
        Raghubir Lal Anand

The culmination is that “Tariq Hameed Karra (PDP, M.P.) wants review of ties with BJP.”

On Tuesday 10th November, Karra a Lok Sabha M.P. from Sri Nagar claimed that he was ‘deeply hurt’ over the alleged (public snub) of Chief Minister Syed Mufti by P.M. Narendra Modi during his rally at Sri Nagar on 7th November 2015.

Raghubir Lal Anand feels that ‘snub’ about the policy on Pakistan is mere a ploy to make flimsy allegations against P.M. Modi and eat away the aid given for passing on to Pakistan for subversive activities in the valley and create a problem.

My prophecy has become true and this ‘snub’ has saved the position of Modi Ji. Aid given by the Centre has become counterproductive and a cause of conflict with Hurriyat and others.