9 November 2015

Aid of 80068 Crore for Kashmir

Aid of 80068 Crore for Kashmir
On the other day 03 & 07 November 2015, I wrote a blog on Kashmir visit of P.M. Modi.

My feelings, thoughts, desires, expectation and prophecy has come correct.

Sayed Mufti says “inadequate”.

Omar says “disappointing”.

Congress says “cruel joke

P.M. address on 7th November in Sri Nagar and Chanderkote in Ramban Jammu. Nothing in store for 62000 Kashmiri Pundits and their exile is continuing…………..

Raghubir Lal Anand - “This is not the right time and hurriyat is also arranging one million march against the visit of P.M. on 7th November 2015. In case P.M. goes with the pleasing words of Sayeed Mufti, it is his downfall. And P.M. will be blamed for it for all times to come.”

Still P.M. should think for the Kashmiri Pundits for their meaningful rehabilitation in the valley as promised earlier by various Prime Ministers but nothing……………..

It is my duty to warn the head of state not to do this act of kindness at a time when country is facing unlimited difficulties and a very complex and complicated time.