29 October 2015

M.M. Kalburgi Murder

M.M. Kalburgi Murder
The other day on 10 September 2015, I put a blog on the cold blooded murder of renowned author and visionary M.M. Kalburgi. I requested all the author, society of India and world over to condemn this killing for the sake of literature which is the soul of human kind and its wellness. Such ghastly and mad killings on the basis of anger and greed are to be totally condemned and should never happen.

This appeal spread like wild fire in scholars and writers fraternity and renowned author like Nayantara Sehgal and Mr. Ashok Vajpayee started returning academy awards and after it several joined them en-mass.

On 28th October 2015, film makers also announced for returning awards, the luminaries like Anand Patwardhan and Deewakar Benerji, Nishata Jain, Rakesh Sharma, FTII also joined them for solidarity.

Raghubir Lal Anand is at the mercy of above to ask these luminaries not to do this kind of act as it adds fuel to fire which has been ignited by some enemies of this nation and make the matter worse connecting with Ikhlaq.

The unity, integrity and sovereignty of this beautiful nation is in the hands of these people who are return in the awards and they are gem of this incredible India.